Tree hazard survey:

As a tree owner you have a level of reasonability to make sure your trees safe, using visual tree assessment techniques to make sure tree are in good conditions to prevent foreseeable tree failures. Identifying weaknesses in trees can allow you to create a management plan to protect the tree and or its surroundings.

Tree decay detection:

If while carrying out a site visit or tree survey we discover signs that a tree may have internal decay we can extend the survey using non-invasive decay detection equipment to determine if the tree structurally sound.

About Our Consultancy

Our arboriculturist can offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to support our client’s needs:
Tree survey in relation to planning and development:

When construction work is being carried out around nearby trees the local authorities may ask you to commission a BS5837:2012 survey identifying the trees and the method in which they will be protected while the construction work is being carried out.